I is for Interpersonal Relationships



I is for interpersonal relationships. When human beings were created, God put us in families. He gave Adam a wife and told them to have children. It is His plan for us to live in relationship. "These things I command you, that you love one another," Jesus said. (John 15:17) God knows what's best for us, and when He tells us to love one another, we can rest assured that He knows what He's talking about. In fact, science has shown that love is an inestimably positive factor in healthy living. To enjoy the CREATION LIFE we were designed for, we need to pursue social connection!

The most important relationship for a child is the one with their parents/caregivers, and after that, the rest of the immediate family.  As I think back to my growing-up years, I remember some things my parents prioritized for our family that might spark ideas for your family:

  1. We ate meals together. Daddy couldn't always be at every meal, but he was there at least once, if not twice, a day. We talked about the day and what was going on in our lives--which helped us stay connected with each other.
  2. We sang and played games on road trips. My favorite road game was finding the alphabet on road signs. And I learned to sing harmony by singing "rounds" in the car with my family! Being in the car together wasn't always fun (especially with my little brother getting "in my space"--back in the days before seatbelt laws!), but interacting with each other through the games and singing helped strengthen our family bond.
  3. We each had a part in the household chores. Doing my part to keep the house clean and the cats fed, and so on, helped me appreciate how our family members depended on one another.
  4. We had family worship in the morning and evening. Again, sometimes Daddy couldn't be at both, but Mama led out if he was gone. We sang, read our Bibles, studied our Sabbath School lessons, memorized Bibles verses and passages, and prayed together. You've heard the saying, "The family that prays together, stays together." Well, I believe there is truth to the saying!

Although sin has damaged our relationship with our Creator and with other created beings, God wants to restore our relationships. "God ... brought us back to Himself through Christ. And God has given us this task of reconciling people to Him.... He gave us this wonderful message of reconciliation." (2 Corinthians 5:18-19) As we recognize the importance of interconnection, and as we implement strategies to improve our interpersonal relationships, we can be confident that we will find greater satisfaction in life!


Next month, we will look at O. O is for Outlook.

Be sure to check out the Interpersonal Relationships page of the Creation Life website for more resources, including a video and numerous articles about how our social connections enrich and improve our health and quality of life.

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