High School at SACS

When there is sufficient need, Savannah Adventist Christian School hosts high school students on our campus, in partnership with Atlanta Adventist Academy. This addendum addresses in a very general way the program we are set up to offer.



High School classes are available on the SACS campus through Atlanta Adventist Academy's TRUeConnect program. AAA’s policies can be accessed at aaa.edu. For 2022-2023, we hosted ninth grade only. For 2024-2025, demand is not present so we are not hosting high school on campus.



AAA has a community service requirement, much of which can be met through regular, documented participation in SACS activities.



A work-study program is offered for high school students to provide experience in the workforce and provide a way for students to help offset the expenses of tuition. The work-study program complies with state and federal laws regarding child labor. To apply, please contact the business office.