E is for Environment


E is for environment. Our living space has an effect on us; it might affect us in ways we haven’t even thought about! When God created the first human beings, He put them in a beautiful environment—we call it the Garden of Eden. Genesis 2 tells us, “The Lord God made all sorts of trees grow up from the ground—trees that were beautiful and that produced delicious fruit.” I can only imagine the beauty of the place. Green trees, colorful flowers and butterflies; the music of birds and flowing water and breeze caressing the leaves; flavorful fruits of all shapes and textures; the sweet perfume of roses and hyacinths, and the pungent fragrance of pine and ginger; the cool grass, warm sunshine, and soft hide of a deer. What a lovely environment indeed!

Unfortunately, we are far from the idyllic beauty of Garden of Eden, and we have to prioritize finding peace and joy in our living spaces today. But it’s important and it does make a difference in our physical and emotional health!

Try these tips for making your home/room/office a little more like the Garden of Eden.

1. Reduce clutter. Clutter has been shown to increase stress, so you want to try to clear out things you don’t need. You may need to just do a little at a time so as to not overwhelm yourself, but make it a priority. (Wow. Those who have been in my office lately know that I’m preaching to myself here!)

2. Create a happy space. Turn on your favorite tunes. Burn a candle that reminds you of quieter moments. Paint the walls a calming color. Put up pictures of your family or your favorite outdoor space. And let your kids be involved in choosing the things you put in your family space so they feel happy too!

3. Bring the green inside. Open the blinds to let the sunshine in. Open the windows to let the fresh air in. Plant an herb garden along your window sill or look up “beginner houseplants” and start with just a pot or two of something living and green. (Philodendron* is pretty easy, and many people find succulents to be a cinch!)

Besides the Garden of Eden being beautiful for all five senses, I think it was beautiful for the mind and soul as well. We can cultivate this safe environment in our homes and workplaces by saying kind words and doing kind deeds. In this way, we help to provide an environment of emotional peace and safety for our families.

Last month we looked at Rest. I hope you've been able to intentionally incorporate more adequate rest into daily and weekly schedule. This month, I encourage you to make at an effort toward a healthy environment for yourself and your family. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and flavors that bring joy and peace!

Next month, we will look at A. A is for Activity!

Be sure to check out the Environment page of the Creation Life website for many more resources about how "Environment" impacts our health, our family, our kids, and every aspect of life.

* https://www.thespruce.com/grow-philodendron-houseplants-1902768


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