Kindergarten Curriculum


The North American Division (NAD) Office of Education in collaboration with Kendall Hunt Religious Publishing, a Division of Kendall Hunt Publishing Company (the publisher of Pathways), has developed a faith-based kindergarten program—Stepping Stones: A Journey to Excellence through Discovery. A comprehensive curriculum, based on national kindergarten standards, is presented in the context of the Seventh-day Adventist worldview.

The philosophy of the program is based on the belief that kindergarten is an important time of transition for young children. It is the bridge between home, early childhood education, and the primary grades of school. It is a “children’s garden” where young ones, uniquely created in God’s image, are nurtured to think, learn, choose, and grow. Professional Christian educators celebrate the intrinsic worth and value of each child and understand that each brings to the classroom a different set of beliefs, customs, traditions, values, and experiences. It is the goal of Adventist education to guide kindergarten children into a loving relationship with God so they, through service, may reflect His love to others.

Stepping Stones is an integrated program that includes all subject areas with developmentally-appropriate activities designed to meet each individual child’s needs. The curriculum is organized into 10 thematic units with strong spiritual connections. A rich children’s literature base is incorporated into each theme, which are aligned with the elementary Pathways program. Individual units include inquiry-based activities which encourage exploration and discovery.

We invite you to join us as we begin our Journey to Excellence through Discovery!

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