First & Second Grade Curriculum

In 1st and 2nd grade, students learn to read.  I want them to also read to learn.  My goal is to create a learning environment where students develop a love for reading, reach their full potential, interact positively with others, and establish a friendship with Jesus who loves them unconditionally.

BIBLE: Each day begins with prayer, a Bible story, and its application to life.  Music and art activities often relate to the current Bible story. A weekly Bible memory verse is given.
LANGUAGE ARTS: Reading lessons include small group guided reading daily. The schedule allows time for self selected reading and reading with peers as well. We use Chall-Popp phonics workbooks. Zaner Bloser manuscript handwriting is taught using  Reason for Writing. Weekly spelling words are given. Journaling and book reports provide an opportunity for development of creative writing skills. Speaking and listening skills are also taught.
MATH: We use Go Math texts and manipulatives.
SCIENCE and SOCIAL STUDIES lessons are literature based and related to the Pathways theme for the month. Many art and music activities are also derived from this.  By Design Science  provides some additional science experiences.
COMPUTER USE: Computer programs and internet websites are used regularly to supplement reading, math, science, and artistic experiences.

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